Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Feeling Lost

Directions are referred together, but stay apart;
Skyline seems to be intact, but skies are far from landscape!
I know our souls are together, still your presence is what matters to me!

Missing each one of you, each minute, each second!

Noor, Dhi, Mrudu, Ram and Dipinni...(In the order you left me...)

Luv yaa allll!!!
PS: Each of my friends chose their own path to pursue their careers. I'm all ALONE!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thought of you

You chorus the song which my heart would be humming...
You nod to my smile and I get what I desire for...

I glance at you and you turn back and look at me...

How do you manage to read my heart?! Each time, all the time...

Thanks for being there in my life!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

gEn - X


Scenario 1: Two small bubbly eyes were staring at the scene happening in front of them and wondering what’s going on! A lady is talking to the milk boy and was arguing about the no of days he missed. This went on for 2-3 mins but still the two eyes are stuck there constantly.

When the lady finished, she started walking towards the eyes and suddenly she grabs and picks her 5yr old kid into her arms. His two eyes still staring his mom, looking for an answer.

Boy: Mum, I’ve a doubt that you are in love with the milk boy or he is in love with you!!!
Mum: &^$@^*(@!&$#. What’s wrong with you, what made you think like this?
Boy: Unless you love each other, what is there between you both to talk so much? ROFL

Scenario 2: Same lady is talking to her young guy from the opposite flat and they had something to laugh at.
Boy could hear his mother’s voice and peeps through the door to see them together.

He ran into the bedroom, waking up his dad.

Boy: Dad I feel that Mom loves Krish bhaiyya.
Dad: Falls off the bed – (ROFL- ing Ofcourse!)
Boy: Do you think Mom proposed him or he proposed her.

Courtesy: My Tenant’s Kid :-D

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Day of Love!

He was in a hurry as he already got late to work when she entered the room.
Her eyes were wide open and face glowing in excitement.

She: Darling, close your eyes! Fasstttt...  I’ve something very special to show you.
He:   Sorry baby, I don’t have time for these things now. I’m running late for my meeting, let’s do it some other day.
She: B.. but.. j.. just have a look at it... by the time she could complete, he was out of the house.

This wasn’t something that can be done any other day… This was the day. The day when he came to her and asked

Will you be mine?         
Yes! I Will!
She thought she said that but, she could barely speak as tears were rolling down her eyes.
She nodded and they hugged.

This was a few years ago and now? How could he even forget that moment, that special day! Tears rolled again on that thought. She sat on the bed and dint realize when she fell asleep.

She dint want to open her eyes… but the music that’s playing was so soothing that she couldn’t stop herself from waking up. There was her man kneeing down near her bedside with a marvelously carved ring in his hands.

She got up to sit and the flowers showed from the top and he said

Will you be mine?
Yes! I Will.
This time she said it, it was like Déjà vu to her. Tears rolled as both hugged each other.
                        Happy Proposal Anniversary Darling!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


She was feeling as light as a feather! What is happening to her, She is swaying rhythmically with the wind. But this was not the feeling that she was having a few mintues ago, only few minutes ago she was out of the shopping mall, helping a handicap cross the road and now what kind of a feeling is this. Is this the gift that GOD is giving her, the blissful feeling where she is getting closer to him?
Unfortunately, it is! Maya, we miss you!

Moral of the Story: Please help the handicapped.

PS: In fond memory of my childhood friend whom we lost a few years ago!

Monday, January 10, 2011

FICTION 55: Responsibility

After the hatrick posts of mine, I feel myself eligible for writing about many things which I was not confident before.
Yes, I’m talking about FICTION 55
I heard (read) this for the first time in Sh@s’s blog. Her’s is one of the best blogs I’ve come across. I’ve read all her posts and started following her since the first post I read. ;-)
And now that only inspired me to write FICTION 55.

Most of the blogs do have one or more posts on this concept. It goes this way.
You write a post on fiction (May it be – Funny, Sad, Thought provoking... anything) but the post should not cross more than 55 words. This is the structure. So, he goes my first one.  People, please don’t mind the disaster. ;-)

At 12:30AM, a car is racing to itself on the road not aware where it’s heading to. It was too late until the driver realized that he hit the divider and vehicle barged into the trunk of a huge tree. Everybody was hurt and the youngest among them, whose birthday celebrations just ended - got killed.

Moral of the Story: Please don’t Drink and Drive.

PS: Please don’t be careless. Drinking and Driving is a very serious issue, which is taken in a very lighter manner. Please be responsible enough and let your friends drive when you are drunk.


Thursday, December 16, 2010


Each face reminded me of VIBGYOR; it was tough for me to recognize who is who. Everybody was drenched in what not – Egg, Ujala, Washing Powder, Haldi, Kumkum, Gulaal. Not that they don’t have colors, but it was their way of celebration. This is the scene at my cousin’s place on Holi. We (Me & ma younger, who just reached the spot) were wondering what’s with these people, they were never this wild. What’s wrong with all of them today? We were still in the state of shock when we saw our brother, who was also a spectator to this scene but was enjoying it than getting annoyed. Now we got it… It must be some stupid trick of his for whole of this scene to take place and as expected, it was true.
Earlier in the morning, when everybody started playing holi, my brother distributed them these special LADDUS ;-)
And everybody got crazy after having them. They were all laughing to their glory. Most of you might have already guessed what that special ingredient that made those laddus special and people crazy was. Yup it was BHAANG! Lolz!
(So the title can also be read as The Bhaang or The Bang lollzzzzzzz)

Moral of the Story: Don't accept anything from anybody on Holi ;-) (Be it your own cousin)

PS: Later when people realized what all crazy things they’ve done, each one had to search a corner to hide their faces.